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   Marine Surveyors & Consultants


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                                        By way of introduction, my name is Andrew Murch, I started in the British Merchant Navy when I was fifteen

                                        years old and I have constantly worked in the Marine Sector throughout my career.  My passion has always been

                                      " Marine Surveying” and being self-employed, automatically empowers you to succeed, combined of course with 

                                       the daily dose of adrenaline when the phone rings. 

                                       I now operate as CEO of ADM Marine and over the past few years we have built a team of professionals headed 

                                       up by myself and Company Secretary / Marketing Manager Ms. Amanda Booth. Our experience in survey work

                                       was gained through working for an International Organisation with its origins dating back to 1857, namely 

                                      “The Liverpool & Glasgow Salvage Association”.  Later the “The Liverpool & Glasgow Salvage Association”  merged

                                       with Perfect, Lambert & Co. and became LGSA Marine in year 2000.            


                                     As Marine Surveyors & Consultants, we have undertaken survey work throughout Europe & the USA and nowadays

                                    prominently concentrate our efforts plying our trade on the Humber Ports and surrounding areas.  Instructions from

                                    Principals are of course varied from the major  Insurance Companies, Ship Owners, Charterers, Protection & Indemnity   

                                    Associations (P&I & FD&D Claims), Harbour Authorities & Port Terminals, Transport & Freight Forwarders,

                                    Ship Agents, Inspection Companies and other Marine Surveying Organisations for example. 


                                    Project Cargoes  

                                   Our Surveying expertise also extends to a range of cargoes  which fall within the definition of project cargoes, from

                                    traditional break-bulk type cargoes to large single items such as Cold Boxes, Cranes, Aircraft Parts and various items

                                    of equipment for the Oil & Gas Industries, Heat Exchanges, Tube Blocks, Storage Vessels and Tanks for example. 

                                   Such high value "critical" items require specialised Transportation, Handling (Lifting) and Sea Fastening Arrangements.

                                   The cargo underwriter will no doubt stipulate certain conditions of carriage such as a Warranty Survey before the sea voyage. 

                                   In relation to project cargo, we have  been directly involved with some very large structures, namely a Cold Box measuring

                                  52.6 metres in length, Storage Tanks/ Vessels  of 28.1 metres & 23.0 metres respectively and most recently Aircraft Wings

                                  having a wing span of approx. 18 metres, shipped from the UK to Canada.  

                                 Please click thumbnail pictures to view some examples of Project Cargo.   



                                  Export Certificates

                                  ADM Marine undertake a comprehensive range of marine related survey work and issue Export Certificates to Industry/Client

                                  specifications.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your survey requirements with a member of our staff. 

                                 Below is a selection of Certificates issued by ADM Marine

                                 Certificate of Survey  - Bunkers;

                                 Certificate of Survey  - Draft Survey;

                                 Certificate of Approval Sea Fastenings (Acceleration Calculations & Method Statements available);

                                Certificate of Vessel Cleanliness & Suitability;

                                Ultrasonic Leak Test of Hatch Covers Certificate;

                                Hose Test of Hatch Covers Certificate;

                                Certificate of Material Non-Radioactivity;

                               Certificate of Non-Asbestos & Non-Explosive Material;

                               Certificate of Quality/ Impurity to Customer Requirements;

                               Certificate of Export Packaging;

                               Out-Turn Certificate;

                               Certificate of Quantity Shipped;

                               Hatch Sealing Certificate;

                               Recommended Clauses for Bills of Lading (following pre-shipment inspection);

                               Measurement Certificate; 

                               Tonnage Certificate;

                               Cargo Condition Certificate;

                               Towage Approval Certificate.


               Please Note below a series of photographs that highlight different environments and cargoes that we have had to deal with over the years.